Two Cities + One Big Idea

by and | Nov 23, 2019 | News

Take One

October of last year began a journey that we were pumped to go on! This journey really began in 2012 and we had no idea it would bring us here. I (Shawnda) got a call from Rae last October and so we met up as soon as possible to talk about what is now our blog. In the past year, I have learned to embrace seasons I enter and how to apply “breathe and maintain” in new ways.

Having this outlet here and on our instagram (breathemaintain) has helped me and I hope it has encouraged/helped you as well. We want to encourage you, love you, guide you, befriend you, pray for you, and walk with you. We want to share a lifestyle of Breath + Maintain with you and the journey you are on. + SEM

Take Two.

Throughout my (Rae) journey of figuring out what b+m would look like it has had several different versions. Sometimes it’s just this instagram with encouraging posts. Then there was the possibility of it being a vlog and just a caption here and there. However, those weren’t the directions that my heart was being led. I was constantly seeing instagrams that were either heavily theology based or were light and fluffy about how God is love and let’s pick flowers. But that’s not who we are, you’ve seen openly honest dialogue from Shawnda and I being vulnerable. Reminding you that none of us have it figured out and we’re just breathing through it and trying to maintain.

That’s what’s breathe and maintain is. It’s a place where you can truly embrace who you are and the everyday struggles of living and being a christian.

We hope that breathe+maintain will be more than just a blog but a community where you can be encouraged, loved, fulfilled in advice, discover recipes, and many other aspects. Let’s go on this journey together.



Raven is one of the co-creators of Breathe + Maintain, a native of Tennessee, and an MTSU alumn. She currently resides in Nashville, TN as a public relations professional.

Shawnda is one of the co-creators of Breathe + Maintain, a native of Tennessee, and a mom to two children. She and her husband raise their family in Huntsville, AL.