Music, Memories, & Happiness

by | May 3, 2020 | News

Today while cleaning my kitchen I decided to put on my playlist “Spring Time” (on Apple Music: shawnda mckinney). The song, “Untitled Traveler” by Time Sawyer came on and I had this weird sense of joy and peace come over me. It took me back a few years.

I was 23 when I heard this song and just settled into being content. I had dropped out of college, was single, traveling, and just enjoying this new season. Life was going really well for me and to be young and truly enjoying life felt so good. Just a few months prior to being where I was, I was in a pretty mentally draining relationship, was not happy, and was not myself at all. I literally thank God all the time for the reminder to breathe and maintain, because once I got out of this relationship I was very much like “Wait! What do I do now??” Then Rae reminded me “breathe and maintain” quite often and Time Sawyer was one of those bands where their songs just set with me and I was able to escape in their music.

So fast forward a little when I heard “Untitled Traveler” and the lyrics, the music, the “vibe” just brought me so much joy into the beginning stages of this unknown season. I am one of those people that I listen to music depending on my mood, thoughts I am having, location of where I am at, or season of the year. I added a few older Time Sawyer songs to my Spring playlist because that Spring was the beginning of a new mental/spiritual season for me, which meant life blooming, and so much joy and that’s what their songs particular did and continue to do for me. Their music awakens such joyful memories for me – a time of understanding in a new way how to breathe and maintain.

So today, 7 years later, cleaning my kitchen, I heard the lines “Been a lot of places that I didn’t wanna go, seen a lot of faces that I didn’t wanna show mine, and I don’t have that much to say anyway…” and all I could do was grin and be thankful that I have gone through all that I have…that I went through a time of being an “untitled traveler’ and learned to continue to BREATHE AND MAINTAIN.

Shawnda is one of the co-creators of Breathe + Maintain, a native of Tennessee, and a mom to two children. She and her husband raise their family in Huntsville, AL.